Inglés - Escocia locuciones

Find the perfect English - Scotland voice for your voice over project.

Never tell a Scot that he is British. He will explain the error of your ways! Although Scotland is part of the UK, the Scots see themselves as uniquely Scottish. Their version of English reflects this, and it has its own slang and accent. Have you ever heard the traditional Scottish toast: ‘Here''s tae us, wha''s like us? Damned few an'' they''re a'' deid’. You have to admit, that’s definitely not British. A British voice over will go down like a lead balloon in Scotland! As if that weren''t enough, there are also many who speak Ulster Scots or Scottish Gaelic. On the whole, a version of the Scottish-English dialect will get your audio visual material the attention you’re looking for in Scotland, but VoiceBunny can offer you Ulster Scots or Scottish Gaelic voices if preferred. Browse our selection of superbly professional Scottish voice actors. You’ll find the Scottish voices you’re looking for. Once you’ve chosen a voice, you won’t have long to wait. A uniquely Scottish voice over is yours within as little as a few hours. How muckle is this? (How much is this?) You’ll get best industry rates, guaranteed!

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