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South Africa is a melting pot of culture and language. Their Afrikaans accent was recently ranked the second sexiest in the world in the most recent 'Top 50 Sexiest Accents in the World' list by travel website, Big Seven Travel. Unique and strong and distinct from any other language in the world.

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With more than thirty-five indigenous languages of which eleven are official languages South Africa is a hub of diversity with a range of accents to choose from.. Containing a distinctive unique flavour that sets it apart from any other language, if you can find someone with this accent, you will draw people's attention. If you are trying to create a sense of mystery or intrigue then having a strong South African accent might be just the thing for you.

Origin / History of English - South Africa locuciones

South Africa was colonised by both the British and the Dutch which led to the general use of both English [Britain] and Afrikaans which was derived from Dutch [Netherlands]. Add to this the indigenous languages of the first nation people as well as a mix of other African languages and there certainly are a lot to choose from.

Countries that speak English - South Africa

South Africa is a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent with close to 58 million people. It also contains one of only three enclaved countries [country within a country] in Lesotho as well as containing the landlocked country of Swaziland which also shares a border with Mozambique to the northeast. South Africa comprises four main race groups known as white, black, coloured and indian and actually boasts the largest indian population outside of India.

English - South Africa accent locuciones

South Africa is divided into nine different provinces. The larger provinces are known for having their own particular twang on the accent. Kwazulu-Natal speakers for example tend to pronounce their 'i' soound like a 'u' so 'I hit my hip' would sound more like 'i hut my hup'. The Western Cape English would be closer to a British accent in the Southern Suburbs and a heavier Dutch-sounding accent in the Northern suburbs. This gets even deeper when you head to the Free State Province. Gauteng in the North is more of a mix of people from around the country and so the accents tend to melt a little more into one, although in rich white suburbs there is what is known as the 'kugel' who speaks with a very nasaly snobbishness similar to the character Cher in 'Clueless'.

Special pronunciation for English - South Africa locuciones

While many have found the South African accent difficult to mimic, perhaps one of the easiest ways would be to listen to Dutch and then to try and speak English with that accent. It is a lot harder around the edges than British and Australian which it sometimes gets confused with despite being quite distinct.

When to use a English - South Africa locución?

South Africans have often been portrayed as the villains [Lethal Weapon 2, Avengers End Game] and the mystery they add in being hard to identify can provide some fun entertainment.

English - South Africa locuciones summary

Sunny skies, barbeques (South Africans call it a ‘braai’) and the magnificent view over Cape Town with Table Mountain as a backdrop: who wouldn’t want to break into a market that’s given South Africa the nickname ‘The Europe of Africa’? There are some things you might like to know about the locals though: there are no less than 11 official languages as well as a few ‘unofficial’ ones. Business is conducted in English, but even then, you’re not out of the woods. When you’re speaking South African English, sausage is ‘wors’ and a pickup is a ‘bakkie’! Apart from English, huge numbers of people prefer to speak Zulu, Xhosa or even Afrikaans. It just depends on the provinces you’re targeting. Does this sound worrying? Relax! Our database of over 100 000 voice actors includes a crowd of South Africans who can help you give your voice over a local flavour that their countrymen will love. Give us your specifications and get your voice over in as little as a few hours.