Francés - Canadá locuciones

Find the perfect French - Canada voice for your voice over project.

French Canadians are fiercely proud of their unique cultural heritage – including their language. It’s not quite the same as the French spoken in France. In fact, pronunciation and language use differs quite dramatically. Your French Canadian voice over doesn’t just require someone who can speak French – it calls for the services of a local French Canadian. A French Canadian can understand your English voice over, but it won’t necessarily appeal to them in the way that you want it to. VoiceBunny makes it easy for you to find the right voice talent for your voice over. Do you need someone who speaks French like a Canadian? Who could be better for the task than a genuine French Canadian! You can pick and choose. What sort of voice do you want? What image do you want your voice over to create in the minds of listeners? We have professional voice actors who can deliver the perfect voice over for you.

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