Persa (Farsi) locuciones

Find the perfect Persian (Farsi) voice for your voice over project.

Persian or ‘Farsi’ is an undeniably beautiful language. The simplest statement in Farsi is musical and mellifluous. When you hear Farsi, you may well find yourself wishing you could speak it too. Perfect Persian voice overs for your advertisement, video or presentation might sound like a tall order, but VoiceBunny makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Wonderful women’s voices, rich male voices and even cartoon voices can complement your work and help you ensure that your message isn’t lost in the translation. What’s more, your voice over opens up a market of 40 million Farsi speakers in Iran and Afghanistan. Suddenly, they know exactly what you’re talking about and they’ll listen with interest. Whether you’re aiming to entertain, inform or persuade, we’ll help you to find the perfect Persian voice over to suit your needs. As they say in Farsi: ‘?? ???? ???? ????’ (One language is never enough)!

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